Business Dispute Resolution

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Court Certified services offered independently and through leading dispute resolution panels on three continents

The Global Resolution Advantage

Global Resolution is an effective resolution agent for the full range of business disputes, whether domestic or international, both within court systems and in the regular course of business.

Arbitration - Global Resolution offers broad commercial, industry, and legal experience and competence, both domestic and international, assuring arbitral predictability and accountability. 

Mediation – Resolution of commercial disputes relies on the disputants’ business judgment, oriented by sound legal advice. Decades of business experience inform Global Resolution’s approach to successfully mediating business disputes, both in providing clarity to alternative opportunity costs and benefits, and in developing breakthrough rapprochement through pursuing often non-apparent options and issues underlying the dispute.

Negotiation - Global Resolution assists businesses to resolve commercial impasses: catalyzing contract negotiation resolution, establishing or repairing commercial relationships, and closing elusive deals.

As illustrated above, the name “Global” Resolution supersedes geographic reach. It also refers to both the range of business disputes that it treats and the essential business dynamic that it incorporates into its approach.

Gary Birnberg, Global Resolution’s principal, is a member of one or more dispute resolution panel of each of the institutions indicated directly below.