Business Relations Facilitation

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Value-based intermediation in business opportunity advocacy and conflict resolution

A Value Proposition

A well-chosen intermediary can generate extraordinary value to businesses, whether seeking to secure commercial opportunities or resolve business disputes. Insight into business practices, coupled with clarity of thought, cultural sensitivity, rigorous ethical standards, experience-engendered creativity and efficient results-orientation swiftly can transform situations with non-obvious solutions into opportunities for ongoing cooperation and value-creation.

Global Resolution distinguishes itself as an active intermediary dedicated to creating and maximizing value opportunities, both remedial and strategic. We intervene with diligent preparation, insightful analysis, and appropriately persistent persuasion in a quest for rapid, optimal, even transformational value-generating outcomes.

Founder Gary Birnberg has moulded Global Resolution’s practice to reflect his passion for client value maximization in all its forms. His thirty years of experience as an attorney, global consultant, and business relations facilitator prepare him to intervene optimally in both domestic and cross-border challenges and opportunities to create real value by facilitating superior results.